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3-Ingredient Date Truffles


Delicious date truffles take just a couple of minutes to be prepared, and chocolate version tastes just like Nutella!

Date Truffles | Bliss Balls | Vegan | Sugar free


I keep dates in the fridge at all times as they are easy to utilize when something sweet needs to be prepared fast. The date truffles are very easy and quick to make, all you need to do is to put all the ingredients in a food processor and drive them into a paste and make little balls.

Dates are very sweet, these are definitely not sugar free, and therefore you shouldn’t add more sweeteners to your treats. I found the chocolate hazelnut truffles to taste the best eaten right away after rolling but the lingonberry coconut truffles benefitted from a night in a fridge.

You can make date truffles with coffee, oranges, raspberries, black currants, all kind of nuts, sweet liquors… What else, any suggestions? ‘Cause I’m hooked and want to try out all the possible flavor combinations and variations!

I know my photos are a little Christmassy, the recipe was originally posted in December, but this kind of truffles, or bliss balls, can be made and enjoyed all year round.



Date Truffles | Bliss Balls | Vegan | Sugar free

Date Truffles | Bliss Balls | Vegan | Sugar free


One batch makes app. 15 truffles. First I thought it’s really few but go and try to have more than two of these…

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Chocolate Hazel Nut Date Truffles Recipe

200 g dates (weight with stones)
70 g hazelnuts
0,5 dl (1/4 cup) raw cacao powder

  • Put the hazelnuts in a food processor and grind.
  • Add the pitted dates and the raw cacao powder.
  • Blend until ball forms.
  • Make small balls, about a tbsp size.
  • Roll in cacao powder.

Lingonberry Coconut Date Truffles Recipe

200 g dates (weight with stones)
100 g shredded coconut
60 g lingonberries

  • Put the shredded coconut and the lingonberries in a food processor and blend to form a paste.
  • Add pitted dates and blend processor till a smooth paste will form.
  • Make small balls, about tbsp size.
  • Roll in shredded coconut.
Keep in fridge.
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Date Truffles | Bliss Balls | Vegan | Sugar free

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