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Turmeric Ginger Tea with Lemon

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Bothered by bugs and germs? Sore throat and runny nose?  It’s time to kick those colds in their butts and boil some turmeric ginger tea with lemon!

Turmeric Ginger Tea | Turmeric Health Benefits | Healthy Drink


Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric is the queen of all superfoods. Curcumin is the queen to be exact. Curcumin cures and prevents basically everything. Curcumin helps to prevent heart disease and diabetes (the adult type), it’s anti-inflammatory meaning that it might keep you from getting many of the most common western disease as Alzheimer’s, and it might even kill cancer cells.

It’s been shown that curcumin is as effective as Prozac in treating depression. The anti-inflammatory properties are so impressive that I can’t understand why it’s not recommended to everyone just like vitamin D is. Oh well, I didn’t bother to check all the possible cons curcumin might have, I just celebrate the pros!

Turmeric Ginger Tea | Turmeric Health Benefits | Healthy Drink

To get the most out of turmeric and it’s all mighty curcumin it would be actually better to consume it in capsules or in other extracted form. It’s quite a lot of turmeric you have to eat daily to reach the amounts of curcumin that is needed for all the amazing health benefits. Curcumin absorbs in human digestion pretty poorly so it should always be taken with black peppers. The piperine of the peppers helps the absorption by even 1000 times.

It’s the anti-inflammatory properties I’m after when making this strong tea. Though I wish it helps to fight a sore throat and stomach ache before it hits the hidden low-level inflammation I might have. I suffer from MS, multiple sclerosis, and a low-level inflammation is my enemy and one of the possible reasons to get sick with MS in the first place. A quick search on Google brought me even some studies to be taken seriously proving that curcumin really helps to fight the symptoms of MS. More tea for me, please!

Other ingredients of the tea, ginger and lemon, also help to fight cold, cough and sore throat and all sorts of stomach problems. Cinnamon has never done any harm to anyone (as long as it’s Ceylon cinnamon, cassia cinnamon is poisonous consumed daily) and gives a nice flavor to the tea. Turmeric ginger drink is strong then, like stroooooong and that’s exactly how it should be. If it feels like a bit too much to drink it, mix a spoonful of honey to a cup. In my opinion, honey is the best cough remedy in the world so it’s a good idea from that perspective too.

Turmeric Ginger Tea | Turmeric Health Benefits | Healthy Drink


Turmeric Ginger Tea | Turmeric Health Benefits | Healthy Drink


Turmeric ginger tea with lemon to boost your immune system and to fight cold, cough and sore throat.
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Turmeric Ginger Tea with Lemon

Turmeric Ginger Tea with Lemon Recipe
Veera R.
Prep time5 minutes
Cooking time17 minutes
Total time22 minutes
Category: Drink


  • 1 organic lemon
  • 100 g ginger
  • 20 g turmeric
  • 1 Ceylon cinnamon stick
  • 20 black peppers
  • 1,5 l water


  • Wash the lemon well and cut it to cubes. Put the cubes in a large pot.
  • Peel the ginger and slice it thinly. Put the slices in the pot.
  • Peel the turmeric and grate it straight to the pot.
  • Add the cinnamon and peppers to the pot and pour the water in too.
  • Bring to boil and let to bubble for two minutes. Take the pot off the stove and let to infuse for at least 15 minutes.
  • Sieve and enjoy hot or cold.


TIPS: Turmeric is really yellow, the color is strong and neon and it sticks. If you mind yellow finger nails, wear gloves. The more you let the tea to infuse the stronger it gets. I often forget to sieve it and let it to sit even for an hour..

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Turmeric Ginger Drink | Turmeric Tea | Healthy Drink | Cold remedy