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How to Deseed a Pomegranate? – 3 Easy Methods

Having problems deseeding pomegranate without making a terrible mess and spending hours doing it? It’s totally possible and even easy to get the arils out pain-free! I’m going to show you three easy and fast methods to get the divine ruby red arils out of that damn fruit. No red stains on your kitchen floors or walls, I promise. The three methods how to deseed a pomegranate are:

1. Beat the seed out of it
2. Sink it
3. The method zen

Find out these three easy and mess free methods how to deseed a pomegranate.

I suggest you watch the video below to see exactly how these methods are put into a serious action.

How to deseed a pomegranate whacking it with a wooden spoon? – Beat the seed out of it!

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get the arils out of a pomegranate. When I first saw Jamie Oliver on TV doing this I couldn’t believe my eyes and I just had to try it out myself immediately.

But what I saw was true and I felt like all my problems were solved and the world suddenly became a better place to live.

This is also the messiest of these three easy methods but nothing compared to carving the seeds out with a spoon or fork.

I have since switched to the method number 3 because I dislike picking the white parts out of the bowl afterwards. Also, those little tiny bits that hold the arils to the peel, end up all into the bowl with the arils and that seriously bugs me. Even though those mini bits don’t really taste bitter.

Deseed pomegranate with a wooden spoon.

  1. Run a small sharp knife around the fruit trying not to pierce any arils. Don’t just cut straight through because then this gets really, seriously messy.
  2. Carefully open the fruit in two halves.
  3. Take other of the halves on your palm, seeds facing down. Place your hand holding the fruit in a large bowl and open your fingers a little.
  4. Start whacking the fruit with a wooden spoon until all arils are fallen out. This will take less than a minute.
  5. Pick all the white parts from the arils.


  • really fast
  • really easy


  • can be messy if the arils break a lot and some of them most probably do, then you also have a lot of juice you might not want to have in your food and you have to wash the arils before you can use them
  • picking the white bits from the arils is annoying
  • if there are any bad seeds you don’t spot them but they all end up together with the perfect ones

How to deseed a pomegranate under water? – Sink it!

Sinking a pomegranate in a bowl full of cold water is a fast and effective way to get the arils out but it’s not for every occasion. Depending on what you are going to use the arils for, you might need to drain them for a long time or even dry them with kitchen paper. And there is the fishing out the white parts which drive me crazy. This is the favorite method for many people because it’s juice and mess free.

Sink a pomegranate to deseed it.

  1. Cut a pomegranate open running a sharp small knife around it just piercing the skin. Don’t cut straight through the fruit to keep the arils whole.
  2. Open the fruit carefully in two halves.
  3. Put the halves in a large bowl full of cold water and gently remove the arils from the skins.
  4. The arils will sink and any white parts will float so they are easy to remove.
  5. Drain.


  • fast
  • easy
  • no juice all over the place


  • very wet and you might need to dry the arils
  • if there are any seeds gone bad involved, the process is pretty slow as you have to remove the bad once on the go
  • a perfectionist will go crazy trying to catch even the smallest white bits with a tea sieve

How to deseed a pomegranate cutting it in wedges? The method zen.

This is my favorite method even if it’s the slowest and might not be totally mess-free. You don’t need to pick any of the white parts from the arils once you are done deseeding and if there are any bad seeds in your fruit, you just leave them to the peel and don’t have to worry about them afterwards.

Cut a pomagranate in wedges and pick the seed out.

  1. Cut a pomegranate open from the top (or bottom to be exact) by running a small sharp knife through the peel. Lift the cap open.
  2. Run the knife through the peel to make wedges and try not to hit any arils to avoid an extra mess.
  3. Open the pomegranate carefully in wedges.
  4. Drop the seeds in a bowl with your fingers.


  • the arils are ready to use right away
  • the arils won’t break and be all juicy
  • there will be no white bits in the arils
  • you can just ignore the possible bad seeds


  • pretty slow
  • not perfectly clean

How you deseed pomegranates? Were you already familiar with these three methods?