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Christmas Coffee

Make your coffee to taste like Christmas with  some raw cacao powder and ground cardamom. Packed in little jars the seasoned christmas coffee makes a beautiful gift.

Chocolate cardamom coffee.

I mixed chocolaty coffee for my kids’ teachers to thank them for the semester. I like to give edible home made gifts for them that the kids can participate in making. Gingerbread spice mix or just cinnamon or vanilla powder will taste amazing too in this kind of a coffee mixture. I usually drink my coffee black but this tastes heavenly with a little splash of milk.

Coffee mixed wit raw cacao powder and cardamon makes a tasty gift.

Ground coffee doesn’t keep very long once the original package is opened so mix the gifts just before giving them.

For one cup of grind coffee add 1/4 cup raw cacao powder and 1 tsp cardamom. Mix well and pack in mason jars.

Ingredients for the best seasoned Christmas coffee.