Disclaimer – Sugar and Nutrition

The Queen of Delicious blog shares mainly recipes.

The writers of the blog are not nutritionists or dietary experts or medical doctors.

We don’t provide any nutrition or dietary or medical advice. We recommend contacting your physician before making big changes in your diet, to be sure the changes are safe for you individually.

We keep away from writing health claims and if we do write them they are always official and approved by EFSA.

We might write about the possible health benefits of ingredients we use in our recipes. In such cases, we always link to proven scientific sources or to sites like Healthline for more information.

Any experience referring to ingredients or supplements in this blog is solely the personal experience of the writer of that article and can’t be taken as advice or health claims. The experience one of our writers might have might not be the same for everyone because they are just personal opinions.

How we refer to sugar and sugar-free

Sugar-free = no added sugar in the recipe. The recipe might include alternative sweeteners but no sugar. However, we do use fruit and berries in sugar-free recipes but not for purpose of sweetening.

No added sugar = No sugar or alternative sweeteners are added to these recipes but the recipes are sweetened with fruit and berries.

Refined sugar-free = no white sugar, highly processed syrups, or artificial sweeteners are added in these types of recipes. These recipes might contain maple syrup, honey, coconut palm sugar, or molasses.

Got questions?

If you have any questions regarding the ingredients or the terms described above, please leave a comment on the recipe in question.

If the question is useful for other readers of the blog, we publish it with an answer. We might also answer your comment via email. We don’t answer all the comments nor publish them.