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I am Veera and I share sugar free baking, breakfast and sweet treat recipes. So easy that anyone can make them in their very own kitchen with the very same equipment they already have. My recipes are especially suitable for sugar free beginners so if you have just given up refined sugars or are thinking about doing so but are still wondering will you ever be able to eat chocolate or ice cream again, you are in the right place! Because you can and I will show you how.

I can help you to quit sugar

This is the place to be for anyone who wants to cut the refined sugars or stop eating them completely. I know exactly what you are going through so I can help you.

I left refined sugars behind me in autumn 2015. It took me a whole year, (or maybe even two) to want it enough and to be sure that I could survive without sweet treats in my life.

To be honest, I was everything but sure but I just didn’t have any choice anymore but to want it enough to make it to happen. Sugar had become a big problem for me, I couldn’t pass a half a day without thinking about my next dose of sweet. I used to have a 300 grams chocolate bar and and one 900 grams jar of ice cream for evening snack and I could have lived on cinnamon buns.

Sugar had totally taken control of my thought and my life, I even had teached my kids to be sugar junkies.

So I just decided to quit. The first two weeks were horrible. The first month wasn’t easy. It’s really hard to let go of your old habits.

Then I started to think that there must be a sugar free way to have treats.

And there is.

By reading and following my blog you too will be able to reduce refined sugars in your everyday life or give them up completely. And the most importantly, you will be able to cut your daily sugar intake to minimum. Because, let’s be honest, it’s super easy to go from table sugar to coconut sugar and even feel good about the unrefined choice. But that is not a way to go if you want to recover from an addiction and live a healthier life.


The story behind the blog

My blogging history goes way back to 2008 when I started to write my first food blog. I wrote it until late 2015 but after giving up sugar in my life I didn’t feel at home there anymore with my new recipes that I was so excited about. The Queen of Delicious was born.

My recipes are all about baking, breakfasts and brunches and sweet treats like candy and chocolate. The most of my baking recipes are gluten free too and I’m doing a lot of experimenting on vegan baking.

I word about me

Outside of The Queen of Delicious I’m a marketing director and an entrepreneur and blogging strategist. I live in Helsinki, Finland (in Europe) with my husband and our three small children.
I would love to meet you and hear if you are now struggling or have struggled with sugar addiction. Hit me with an email and tell me about yourself, maybe I can do something to help you with your struggles!

You can follow my sugar free journey on Pinterest and Instagram.